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Collision Repair GuaranteeCRA has developed the Collision Repair Guarantee scheme in response to the many complaints received from members who feel that work providers unfairly direct work away from them towards contracted repairers. In cases where this is likely, repairers can pre-empt this by offering their own guarantee, backed up by the CRA’s one.

It works like this:

There is a 10 page contract between the repairer and CRA Guarantee Ltd. This entity is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Collision Repair Association. It is funded by way of shares, loan and income from contributing repairers.

Once signed off by both parties the repairer receives:

  • A guarantee certificate to display in their office
  • Guarantee booklets to give out to customers. This outlines rights, exclusions, addresses etc
  • An invoice for $110+GST for the year (pro rata if join throughout the year)
  • Guarantee stickers (430mm wide x 594mm high) can also be purchased for $22.50+GST each

For more information either phone the CRA office on 07-8470216 or email [email protected]

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