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Environmental Awareness Award

Environmental issues are becoming more important and our industry does not enjoy the best reputation. We wish to reward the business who best demonstrates that they have significant regard for the environment. This will extend further than the segregation of waste products and include engaging with local authorities to ensure environmental compliance and best practices.
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Overall Best Business Award

This business is likely to have been a finalist in one or more awards, but shows commitment and outstanding qualities in many of the categories.
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Best Presented Business Award

This will be the business which “stands out” in terms of street appeal, customer environment and workshop / paint shop presentation.
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Commitment To Training Award

With fast changing technology and staff shortages, training is more important than ever. C-CAR points provide an ideal way of measuring commitment to training. We add points for apprentices employed, then divide the total for the year by the number of staff and then add in points for Bronze, Silver or Platinum Recognition which gives an objective measure.
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Outstanding Achievement (Shop Upgrade) Award

The winner of this award will have shown commitment to the industry and to his business by investing in a significant upgrade. This will be more than an office refurb or a lick of paint and will involve building, equipment and overall appearance improvements.
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QA – Outstanding Achievement Award

This business will have completed the QA programme and with the auditor’s assistance will be a member that has shown a commitment to the programme.
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Best Promotion of the CRA Brand Award

What we are looking for is a company that shows commitment to the CRA brand. Typically this is demonstrated by signage on the building, on uniforms and vehicles. Also in advertising – yellow pages, cards, brochures, and in the use of CRA promotional products. The buying patterns of finalists are checked in the CRA records for variety and volume.
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Best Exhibition Stand Award

The judges felt it was time to present an award in recognition of the creativity and engagement of trade exhibitors.
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