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Annual Subscription

The following are the annual subscription fees (excluding GST) depending on what category you are classified as. See below to view a full explanation of the categories.

Licensed Collision Repairer $1,575.00
Panelbeating/Spraypainting $1,575.00
Sole Operator – Panelbeating/Spraypainting (owner operator only) $805.00
Sole Operator – Licensed Collision Repairer (owner operator only) $805.00
Full Associate (has voting rights) $711.00
Standard Associate $408.00

Licensed Collision Repairer (LCR)

Panelbeaters/Refinish Centres that engage in structural collision repair work by having the required equipment to undertake three dimensional measuring of a vehicle and/or a spray booth oven facility. Attain the required points to complete the ‘Continuing Compulsory Annual Retraining’ (C-CAR) Programme.

Panelbeating/Spraypainting (P&S)

Panelbeaters and spraypainters who meet our membership criteria and engage in most repair work however may not have three dimensional measuring equipment to meet Licensed Collision Repairer category. Attain the required points to complete the ‘Continuing Compulsory Annual Retraining’ (C-CAR) Programme.

Coach Builder (CB)

Companies that build buses, coaches, motorhomes, horse floats, ambulances, truck bodies and purpose built vehicle bodies.

Motor Trimmer (MT)

Companies that manufacture and repair interior automotive upholstery, window mechanisms, windscreen replacement, convertible and all fabric refurbishing.

Plastic Repairs (PR)

Companies that repair products manufactured from plastic. This includes automotive bumpers and all other plastic parts and products.

Radiator Repairs (RR)

Companies that repair and manufacture vehicle radiators including purpose built assemblies.

Associate Members (AS)

Companies that supply goods and/or services or are associated to the collision repair industry eg. motor manufacturers.

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